Wedding Bells at the Full Circle Cafe’!

WEDDING_ (click this link and then minimize to get the full experience)  😀

Easter Sunday brought us a Bride & Groom in the form of

Daniel & Magee

of Seattle, Washington

After indulging in a healthy & scrumptious breakfast, they proceeded to exchange vows with the help of their Rev. friends Dustin & April Brown. (Duly witnessed by Colleen herself)


Magee throws her “bouquet”…

Guess who caught the flowers ~ oh my!


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel & Magee Patzer!


Our very best wishes to both of you!


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  • By marcell, May 3, 2010 @ 3:33 pm

    you guys are a hoot. i love you all very much. how rewarding to have a wedding there. I hope one day i can have mine there, outside of course! :D.

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