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Needle Information

Addi Turbo

These are the famous Addi® Turbos!  The needles are slick, slippery and fast!  This nickel plated brass needle is popular with experienced knitters.  Turbos have exceptionally smooth tip, and are excellent for highly textured or novelty yarns.  Turbos are fast, quiet, can’t rust, and have soft, snag-free cords.  Circular sizes #17 to #36 come with a clear tube as a cable.  Size #36 is plastic

These needles are 100% guaranteed and will be replaced if defective at any time.

There are ‘Addi Turbo’ look-a likes being sold on eBay at a fraction of the cost of the original, imported Addi Turbo needle. After thinking they got “a good deal”, several people have experienced difficulty knitting with these needles because (1) they may not be gauged accurately, and (2) the connection between the needle and the cable sometimes does not fit, may not be smooth and may snag the yarn. THESE NEEDLES ARE NOT REPLACEABLE. Be sure to check the card enclosed with the needle to be sure you have received the original Addi Turbo needle sold in the US ONLY by Skacel, which are available ONLY in yarn stores.

Balene II

A beautiful ivory colored plastic needle with a tapered point.  They are warm to the touch, quiet, and flexible keeping your hands from getting tired.  Sizes #2 to #9 are solid; # 10 and up are hollow.

Brittany Birch

These are a smooth wood needle with a high polish.  They have a long taper, and a well defined tip, and are set with a carved finial at the end.

Bryspun Flexible

Those that are needle snobs need to take a second look at these lovelys!  They are springy and comfortable.  They also have the niftiest concave point.  Perfect for stocking knitting. These needles are great for those of us with arthritis. They are very warm and soothing to the hand.

Crystal Palace Bamboo

A warm natural needle with a remarkable sleek and shiny surface. These needles are made in Japan from specially selected, cured and polished bamboo.  Nicely tapered with a fine point.

Inox Express

Nickel-plated, lightweight aluminum needles with a long slim taper and a not-too-sharp point.

Plymouth Bamboo

These needles have a smooth tip with a glossy finish.

Quicksilver by Susan Bates

A very economical needle with a well-tapered and coated aluminum needles.  Sizes #9 and higher are plastic.

Susanne’s Ebony or Rosewood

Elegantly made of wood from the remains from the manufacture of fine musical instruments.  They have a lovely silky, satin finish and delicate tapered tips.