Summer has struck!

One minute I was curled up in my warm cozy bed, wearing my warm cozy coat, cuddling my cat, Lucky, and the next minute  –  POW!!!!  –  Summer stikes! People here and there and everywhere, coming and going so fast I can’t keep track. Maria took off for a whole month and left me here, speechless, Mom is cooking up a storm and Dad wants nothing to do with this here computer. So if you have missed me half as much as I have missed you, relax and know that I AM BACK!

Art in the Park was a smashing success! Lots of people came to check out the handy work of our local artists. We will post pictures soon. I expect next year to be even bigger and better. With any luck the sun will shine for us in 2011  😎

The Tapestry Rose Annex in Tillamook is an instant hit with the Oregon Coast community. Candy and Teresa have fixed the place up so darn nice. If you haven’t been down there to see it, you really must go! They have even started their own knitting group….the Rosetta’s Too (2, two, II). Busy, busy, busy.

Here at the mother shop, we’ve just gotten in a fresh assortment of Fame Trends. I’m tellin ya, this is some fiercely beautiful sock yarn.

Here are a couple of ideas/projects made from Fame Trends.

You will have to contact Swedish Yarns about the patterns.

Swedish Yarns

Phone: (800) 331-KNIT, or E-mail:, website: 

There is so much more to sock yarn than socks!

  I’m headed out the door now. I’ve got deer to chase, flowers to roll in and sun to soak up. Talk to you again soon.

Licks of love,



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