Roll The Dice!

Good Morning out there…I’m here, with cold, cold hands, trying to form a coherent thought. Let’s see, what I wanted to tell you about is Colleen’s lastest “thought”.  She’s always saying to me “Maria, I was thinking….” and then we’re off on another great idea of Colleen’s!

So here is one of her latest. Dice. Yep. We have this friend/customer, that we call Fomoco. We call him this because that is what is on his license plate on his darling little turquoise Thunderbird convertable. Its a collectors car but I couldn’t tell you the year. It’s just really really cute. This gentleman sells dice for cars and other vehicles. You know the fuzzy dice that hang from your rear view mirror? Not that kind, the kind of dice that you can put on your door locks, valve stems, etc. to compliment the fuzzy dice hanging from your mirror.

And Colleen thought “hmmmmm, dice that hang from your mirror…..I COULD DO THAT!” And of course one thing led to another and now we are going to not only make these dice (or something like them)  but we are going to offer them or how to make them at various festivals around the area this summer. It goes without saying that these creations will be knitted and/or felted and/or crochet…so stay tuned for further details.

And check out Fomoco’s website. He’s in our links to your right!