“Poop Outside But Not In The House!”

One of our customers shared this story from his journal with Colleen and we share it with you here now…

At the beach 2.27.10

I woke up this morning and went to open the blinds

Crack open the window to hear ocean sounds that sooth my mind.

With my slippers on, I stepped on a log

During the night duty left behind by my dog.

Walking out to the back door to greet a rainy day

That’s when I noticed a terrible fume wafting my way.

I love my little boy but he threw me for a loop

I didn’t notice at first that I had stepped in his poop.

I tracked it around the soft squishy bedroom floor

Yep, I didn’t notice till I was at the back door.

I yelled and I shouted but this to no avail

All Benny could do was wag his wiggly tail.

Poop’s hard to see on a brown shag rug

And Benny just stared with that innocent little mug.

Washing and cleaning while down on my knees

Thats when I saw the signs that he had also peed.

I grabbed all the things to clean up the mess

And became fuming mad and wasn’t at my best.

I followed the trail and finally came to the spot

Where last night he dropped a bomb that musta been warm but not hot.

The odor was so bad, it really just stunk

I thought it was worse than the smell of a skunk.

I lit scented candles and opened all doors of the house

The stench was so bad now it could kill any mouse.

Benny went running when he heard my foul cussing words

He was completely aware Dad had stepped in his turds.

I got carried away with my anger and wrath

When I realized I had spread it over a very long path.

I finished the cleaning but the rug needs shampooed

A wretched start to the day when in the house my dog pooed.

Being sound asleep, I hadn’t heard his call

To tell me he needed out and it wasn’t his fault.

So we let it go and bye gones be gone

I love my little dog and when he’s bad still does no wrong.

Now snuggled together under a blanket as one

Me and my dog and the clean up is done.

~by Randy VanDyk