Lucy, Maddy & Gracie

What a week-end!

Rod Run, Sunshine, loads of people everywhere…but my favorite part was Lucy, Maddy & Gracie!

Lucy is a more delicate and a bit older version of myself.

Simply put….a vision.

Look at that face. ohh and that sleek shiny coat;

Why…….it is like looking in a mirror. I am in love.  


And then of course are Lucy’s lovely sisters, Gracie and Maddy…


These gals are as loving and gentle as they come! I am so glad they all came to see me and sent their pictures too!!!

You are welcome to send me your picture (you don’t have to be a Lucy; a Larry is fine) I just want to invite you to join my page of

perfectly wonderful pooches!

Thanks again girls! What a week-end!!!

Licks & Kisses ~ COPPER

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