Knitting & Crochet Addicts Needle Exchange

We all have them…we say it’s because “you never know when I’ll need an extra”…and nobody could possible expect us to remember which ones we have and which ones we need…the excuses are as many and varied as colors of DMC floss.

Yes, I’m talking about needles and hooks. Personally, I no longer discuss how many size 8 needles I own. It’s really nobody’s business.

If you can relate to this subject then I am your new hero! I have found a gem of a site that provides, free of charge, an inventory sheet so we can all get a handle on our needles!

Gary has been telling me for years to write them down on a slip of paper and stick it in my purse…you think I’ve done it? Heck no. So why do I think I will do this? Because it’s not only a needle inventory! This kind soul has also provided beautiful and thoughtfully designed journal pages, project planner, yarn stash inventory, notes page, even graph paper to get those ideas down on paper! I can’t resist.

Opps…I hit a button, now everything is bold…hmmm

Anyway, check it out at┬áThen, after you get your needle inventory done, bring in those extras to Knitting Group and we’ll have a needle exchange. See you there!