Colleen’s Beautiful Buns…oh my!

You’ve gotta see um to believe um!

Every Saturday at the Full Circle Cafe’, Colleen serves up homemade, from scratch, BIG & BEAUTIFUL CINNAMON ROLLS AND PECAN STICKY BUNS. These are the real deal folks and not some funky version of monkey bread or buy um frozen, bake um off and call it homemade buns.

Colleen’s buns are mixed with fresh ingredients and kneaded by her own gifted hands, sprinkled and rolled, sliced and set to rise every Friday night, rain or shine, not matter what! Saturday before the sun is up, Colleen is back in the kitchen, warming her little oven and baking those big fluffy buns to golden perfection.

Sometimes Colleen makes more on Sunday…often she doesn’t. So don’t dilly dally. Either call ahead to reserve yours on Friday or make a date to be here early Saturday! Time and buns wait for no man.

Tender mouthwatering Cinnamon Roll gently topped with cream cheese icing.

Big and tender Pecan Sticky Buns drip with carmel and loaded with nuts.

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  • By Liam, December 14, 2015 @ 5:13 am

    You are a devil woman, you know that!? My mouth’s watering right now. Seriously, looks like you love eaitng but you’ll never beat me! This amount of food would be enough for me for one weekend My favourite one is definitely the oatmeal served with a bowl of fruits. Where did you have that? In a hotel?

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