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May Newsletter

May 1, 2010

Your favorite yarn shop is expanding to Tillamook!

On May 29th,Tapestry Rose Annex opens its doors in the 2nd Street Public Market located at 2nd & Main in Tillamook, Oregon. We will offer an all sorts of yarn, kits and notions. So come on down and check us out!

Calling all Knitters ~ Crocheters ~ Tatting ~ Embroidery ~ Cross Stitch ~ etc!

Join the fun outside in the sun on July 4th at Sheldon Park in Ocean Park for our

1st Annual Art In The Park

We want to dazzle the public with the talents and creativity of the local artistic community here on the peninsula.

 Put together your most beautiful work and bring it out of hiding. You can demonstrate your art and/or sell your work.

Rent a space for only $25 or gather your friends and share it. Contact Colleen at Tapestry Rose Yarn Shop or print out an application at

ALL Artists are welcome! Glassworkers, beadworkers….

…painters, sculptors, woodworkers, or any other art !!! COME!



Our fearless pup is recovering from an encounter with a great big monster dog. Poor boy…..

 A little reminder about our knitting group…

 On going  group sessions. (A sort of therapy really)

Anybody that needs help with a project, or just wants to knit, visit & get inspiration… Come!!!

Wednesday & Thursday

    3:30pm to 5:30pm


April Newsletter

April 1, 2010

Our Debbie Macomber book this month is “Friendship Shawls”. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better gift than a beautiful shawl for your favorite Mom.  Mothers to celebrate come in many different forms whether she be your sister, best friend, neighbor, Mom or Grandmother.   


The book includes a new block pattern for your Warm Up America Blocks too!  The pattern is a very nice Diamonds block made up of a series of knit and purl repeats and combinations, easy enough for beginners and interesting enough to keep more experienced knitters happy!

Mother Hen knitting socks


          These Scrabble Tile Charm Bracelets are one of a kind Susan B. Clark originals!

March Newsletter

This month we are featuring A Charity Guide for Knitters by Debbie Macomber.

We, as knitters, crocheters and fiber artists, seem to share a love of those less fortunate than us and this book is a great resource for connecting in meaningful ways to children, to soldiers, to animals and the homeless.                                              

Take a look at it.    Capture the vision.    Enrich your life.     Help others.



We want to “meet” your dog (or other pet)!

Please send us a picture of your precious one with a short bio

and we will post it on

Copper’s Corner!


March’s Free Pattern

Bamboo Stitch Scarf

click on picture to view pattern



oh   the    sheer    joy    of    spring!

February Newsletter


We have the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts

Under $20

to exchange with friends & neighbors!


 Unique Valentine Cards with Felted Heart Pins!

Laurel Burch earrings, mugs, coin purses, bags! 

Seashore Coffee Mug or Tea Cup & Saucer

filled to the brim  with a variety of sweet treats!

Need a special order? We can fix one special for you!


Our FREE pattern this month is the


Go to our Patterns section for your copy!



The red cloth features only the heart. It doesn’t show the eyelet border that is part of the pattern.
The border is easily seen on the white cloth done in bamboo.

January 2010 Newsletter