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Anyone got a sweet tooth?

Lately I am blessed with the need to take a wide variety of medications. And while I try to do as my doctor tells me to do, I have to admit that sometimes the side effects of the pills make me want to just flush them all right on down the toilet. One of the most harmless yet most annoying side effects is that NOTHING tastes good anymore. Except sugar.

Sugar, sweets, pies, cookies…you name it and it just tastes great! Now I thought that perhaps I might be alone in my passionate love of dessert. That was before getting this email from a couple that was in the Full Circle recently….

First they sent this mouth watering photo of the bread pudding they just ordered:

Gosh the looks good! Doesn’t it?

This photo was followed up immediately with this second pic:

Now that is proof of a great tasting and satisfying dessert! Hmmmm….let see, bread pudding has bread for fiber, lots of cream and custard for calcium, and I’m sure the pure pleasure of eating has to have some residual health benefit. Sound like dinner to me! ¬†Anyone care to join me?

Easter “Sweets”

The day before Easter each of us was given a suprise; inside a plastic egg,¬†was nestled a sweet note accompanied by 2 lucky lotto tickets! The effort and thoughtfulness in these gifts is very moving. We are very appreciative. So, without further ado…

Thank You

Full Circle Folks

Your kind, friendly service is such a joy. No matter what is happening in the outside world, you have made a safe haven with wonderful staff, oh yes, and very good food.

We are your fans,

Barbara (Key Lime Pie) and Betty ( Bog Salad)

Copper, Fingerknitting & the Yarn Dude


I just wanted to say thank you. I was in on Saturday with my boyfriend, daughter, and one of her friends. Copper was kind enough to keep the kids occupied while I found what I couldn’t live without. The advice and tips from your husband (the Yarn Dude) are indispensable and couldn’t have been timed better.

This morning I came in again with the girls to get the “baby alpaca” I’d somehow not purchased the day before. You made the girls’ day with the finger knitting directions! I gave them each a skein of yarn and off they went. They knitted the whole way home.

Thank you so much.

Heidi H.