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I have added a new page called in hopes to get back into the ecommerce world. If our small little yarn shop is to survive I must be able to provide more options to our customers. This will be a learning process for me so please be patient and as I grow so will you. Thanks

Sugar and Cream

Discontinued Sugar and Cream Yarn colors 25% off, just in time to knit a quick Christmas gift. Sale ends December 30th, 2015image

The Full Circle Crew Celebrates!

We Wish You & Yours A Very Merry Christmas…

(found at

and hope these photos of our Christmas Dinner (sprinkled with images of our favorite subject) will give you a chuckle and put you in the HO HO HO spirit!

The fun starts here..with Colleen and Gary. As you can see, Colleen is FULL of the devil and this time of year loves to suprise us with her gestures of love, her playful spirit and her endless generosity. She took the whole crew out to dinner at the Lost Roo Restaurant in Long Beach, WA.

After ordering our dinners we began opening our gifts. Each of us had a Secret Santa which is always a recipe for laughter! Here we are for your amusement: 

Thank you!

Colleen, Gary & the entire crew

send each and every one of our customer our heartfelt thanks

for visiting us this past year.

It has been a tough year for everyone and no one is spending their money lightly.

Because of this we are even more appreciative of your honoring us with your visit!

 Our Customers Are #1  !!!


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Holiday Hours

We will be closed from the 21st of December to the 29th, and will open regular hours on the 30th of December.  Hours are Wednesday thru Sunday from 7 am to 5:30pm.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  From the Full Circle Cafe’ and Tapestry Rose Yarn Crew.

Anyone got a sweet tooth?

Lately I am blessed with the need to take a wide variety of medications. And while I try to do as my doctor tells me to do, I have to admit that sometimes the side effects of the pills make me want to just flush them all right on down the toilet. One of the most harmless yet most annoying side effects is that NOTHING tastes good anymore. Except sugar.

Sugar, sweets, pies, cookies…you name it and it just tastes great! Now I thought that perhaps I might be alone in my passionate love of dessert. That was before getting this email from a couple that was in the Full Circle recently….

First they sent this mouth watering photo of the bread pudding they just ordered:

Gosh the looks good! Doesn’t it?

This photo was followed up immediately with this second pic:

Now that is proof of a great tasting and satisfying dessert! Hmmmm….let see, bread pudding has bread for fiber, lots of cream and custard for calcium, and I’m sure the pure pleasure of eating has to have some residual health benefit. Sound like dinner to me!  Anyone care to join me?

Introducing Ethel the Princess…


Our latest addition to “the friends of Copper” is Ethel. Isn’t she a doll!

This little charmer is the girl of Erica La Scala and family. Ethel was wearing just her pink tulle skirt

when she and her family came by the restaurant. Her mom, Erica, was kind enough to

send us this picture of Ethel in the complete outfit!

Thank you. I won’t be surprised to see this picture pinned up on the wall next to Copper’s bed!

Knit Happens! October 2, 2010 Knit In


Knit Happens

Join the Cordelia Knitters and Tapestry Rose Yarn Shop Annex

for the

1st Annual

Fall Knit~in

Second Street Public Market

2003 Second Street ~ Tillamook, OR

Saturday, October 2nd

10am to 7pm

The purpose of this event is to bring knitters together for an enjoyable day of knitting and conversation in the beautiful new Second Street Public Market. Where? You guessed it…the public space in front of the stage!

If you are an experienced knitter, share your knowledge. If you have never knit, we will show you how!

Come knit for a few minutes, a few hours or all day. Our goal is to bring at least 100 knitters together to share their love of knitting, wool, and all things fiber!

We will be collecting knitted or crochet hats for Blanket Coverage ~ a ministry that provides hats and blankets for the homeless in the Portland area.

If you have a knitting show & tell, bring it … if you don’t, come anyway! I have goosebumps just imagining all those needles going at once all in the same place! DON’T MISS IT.


Lucy, Maddy & Gracie

What a week-end!

Rod Run, Sunshine, loads of people everywhere…but my favorite part was Lucy, Maddy & Gracie!

Lucy is a more delicate and a bit older version of myself.

Simply put….a vision.

Look at that face. ohh and that sleek shiny coat;

Why…….it is like looking in a mirror. I am in love.  


And then of course are Lucy’s lovely sisters, Gracie and Maddy…


These gals are as loving and gentle as they come! I am so glad they all came to see me and sent their pictures too!!!

You are welcome to send me your picture (you don’t have to be a Lucy; a Larry is fine) I just want to invite you to join my page of

perfectly wonderful pooches!

Thanks again girls! What a week-end!!!

Licks & Kisses ~ COPPER