Babies In The House!

Well, here we were, on a lovely Sunday, when we were blessed with the visit of two beautiful babies and their moms. Colleen had barely gotten a new baby hat off her needles and this was the perfect opportunity to test it on a REAL baby! Wouldn’t you know it…a perfect fit. And the colors of the Baby Alpaca Grande yarn were just the same as this sweet baby boys eyes! Well….just see for yourself what had us all in a dither!

I ask you, did you ever see anything so sweet? If only we had another hat done for the other baby…a little girl. My fingers are just itching to make one for her now 😆 

These young mothers were very good sports, indulging these old grannies while we cooed and made faces and generally made much ado. It just made my day. We LOVE babies! (and of course, we love adults too).

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