Art In The Park…in review.

Art in the Park 2010 was a rather “coasty” day as a fine mist mingled with the artists, their wares and the curious public assembled at Sheldon Park this past July 4th.

She sells sea shells down by the seashore.Variety was the theme. Mediums such as seashells, cranberry vines, oyster shells, textiles and threads, homespun, glass, mixed media and paints and more were exhibited in creative and practical ways.Sparkling glass and mixed media catches attention. Beautiful handmade pottery.The pottery booth was absolutely full of the most beautiful handmade pieces. Very impressive. While the spinning and weaving booth was a buz of activity with women spinning wool right before my eyes and creating intricate woven fabric on a portable loom. I always want to dive right in and join these ladies whenever I see them at work!Rita is weaving yet another one of a kind piece of fabric.

And of course, us knitters and crocheters were there in full force. By nature we always seem to have plenty to do and even more to say, to each other and anyone else who will listen. We even got the crowd involved, teaching kids and adults to finger knit.

Young girl intent on her finger knitting.

All in all, Art In The Park 2010 turned out to be a well attended, interesting and enjoyable time for everyone.

Customer checking out the wares.

 Too many items to list them all but each and everyone of our artists are extremely gifted and offer something to enrich the lives and homes of each of us.

Thank-you to all of the artists who attended. You are AWESOME!

Knitter in her knitted hat and knitted poncho.

Zebras! Well, they weren’t actually alive…

See you next year for Art In The Park 2011!

Summer has struck!

One minute I was curled up in my warm cozy bed, wearing my warm cozy coat, cuddling my cat, Lucky, and the next minute  –  POW!!!!  –  Summer stikes! People here and there and everywhere, coming and going so fast I can’t keep track. Maria took off for a whole month and left me here, speechless, Mom is cooking up a storm and Dad wants nothing to do with this here computer. So if you have missed me half as much as I have missed you, relax and know that I AM BACK!

Art in the Park was a smashing success! Lots of people came to check out the handy work of our local artists. We will post pictures soon. I expect next year to be even bigger and better. With any luck the sun will shine for us in 2011  😎

The Tapestry Rose Annex in Tillamook is an instant hit with the Oregon Coast community. Candy and Teresa have fixed the place up so darn nice. If you haven’t been down there to see it, you really must go! They have even started their own knitting group….the Rosetta’s Too (2, two, II). Busy, busy, busy.

Here at the mother shop, we’ve just gotten in a fresh assortment of Fame Trends. I’m tellin ya, this is some fiercely beautiful sock yarn.

Here are a couple of ideas/projects made from Fame Trends.

You will have to contact Swedish Yarns about the patterns.

Swedish Yarns

Phone: (800) 331-KNIT, or E-mail:, website: 

There is so much more to sock yarn than socks!

  I’m headed out the door now. I’ve got deer to chase, flowers to roll in and sun to soak up. Talk to you again soon.

Licks of love,



Mice and Men…

We all know the old saying….Best layed (or is it laid?) plans of mice and men.

Yes well, along those lines I regret to announce the opening of Tapestry Rose Yarn Annex in Tillamook will be post-poned until sometime in June. The 2nd Street Public Market, where we will be located, has not quite finished some critical projects in order to open the doors this week-end. I suggest you stay on the peninsula for now and come see us on the beach in Ocean Park! I’ll let you know when we are opening down south!

Copper takes on a giant…

I have always believed myself to be completely lovable, wholly agreeable and altogether beyond reproach. So imagine my surprise and  horror when I was confronted, challenged, and even attacked by a big giant……….um…….whats the word?……..oh yeah, DOG.

It BiT me!

oh the pain!

Mom and Dad were certainly surprised that I was still alive and kicking. Both me and my cat Lucky. Only I was in pretty rough shape for a week or two.

I’m on the mend now.

Just a word of caution…stay away from those dogs!

May Free Pattern

Begin your journey into lace knitting with Debbie Macomber.

Click on the link below to find the pattern for Alix’s Prayer Shawl as well as a bevy of great help to get you going!

May Newsletter

May 1, 2010

Your favorite yarn shop is expanding to Tillamook!

On May 29th,Tapestry Rose Annex opens its doors in the 2nd Street Public Market located at 2nd & Main in Tillamook, Oregon. We will offer an all sorts of yarn, kits and notions. So come on down and check us out!

Calling all Knitters ~ Crocheters ~ Tatting ~ Embroidery ~ Cross Stitch ~ etc!

Join the fun outside in the sun on July 4th at Sheldon Park in Ocean Park for our

1st Annual Art In The Park

We want to dazzle the public with the talents and creativity of the local artistic community here on the peninsula.

 Put together your most beautiful work and bring it out of hiding. You can demonstrate your art and/or sell your work.

Rent a space for only $25 or gather your friends and share it. Contact Colleen at Tapestry Rose Yarn Shop or print out an application at

ALL Artists are welcome! Glassworkers, beadworkers….

…painters, sculptors, woodworkers, or any other art !!! COME!



Our fearless pup is recovering from an encounter with a great big monster dog. Poor boy…..

 A little reminder about our knitting group…

 On going  group sessions. (A sort of therapy really)

Anybody that needs help with a project, or just wants to knit, visit & get inspiration… Come!!!

Wednesday & Thursday

    3:30pm to 5:30pm


Mother’s Day Menu!

Be sure and join us on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 9th for a special meal with your favorite mom.

Colleen will be preparing Lox of Love for breakfast and her traditional Broccoli Salad for lunch!

Wedding Bells at the Full Circle Cafe’!

WEDDING_ (click this link and then minimize to get the full experience)  😀

Easter Sunday brought us a Bride & Groom in the form of

Daniel & Magee

of Seattle, Washington

After indulging in a healthy & scrumptious breakfast, they proceeded to exchange vows with the help of their Rev. friends Dustin & April Brown. (Duly witnessed by Colleen herself)


Magee throws her “bouquet”…

Guess who caught the flowers ~ oh my!


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel & Magee Patzer!


Our very best wishes to both of you!


Thank you Dave & Sharon!

Some people can always be counted on to put others first, to remember those easily forgotten, and to reach out with a kind gesture or word. Dave and Sharon are just such people. And sure enough, true to form, these two played “Easter Bunny” bringing each of us an Easter Bag full of goodies! So we want to say to Dave and Sharon…

From the Full Circle Crew

April Newsletter

April 1, 2010

Our Debbie Macomber book this month is “Friendship Shawls”. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better gift than a beautiful shawl for your favorite Mom.  Mothers to celebrate come in many different forms whether she be your sister, best friend, neighbor, Mom or Grandmother.   


The book includes a new block pattern for your Warm Up America Blocks too!  The pattern is a very nice Diamonds block made up of a series of knit and purl repeats and combinations, easy enough for beginners and interesting enough to keep more experienced knitters happy!

Mother Hen knitting socks


          These Scrabble Tile Charm Bracelets are one of a kind Susan B. Clark originals!