Anyone got a sweet tooth?

Lately I am blessed with the need to take a wide variety of medications. And while I try to do as my doctor tells me to do, I have to admit that sometimes the side effects of the pills make me want to just flush them all right on down the toilet. One of the most harmless yet most annoying side effects is that NOTHING tastes good anymore. Except sugar.

Sugar, sweets, pies, cookies…you name it and it just tastes great! Now I thought that perhaps I might be alone in my passionate love of dessert. That was before getting this email from a couple that was in the Full Circle recently….

First they sent this mouth watering photo of the bread pudding they just ordered:

Gosh the looks good! Doesn’t it?

This photo was followed up immediately with this second pic:

Now that is proof of a great tasting and satisfying dessert! Hmmmm….let see, bread pudding has bread for fiber, lots of cream and custard for calcium, and I’m sure the pure pleasure of eating has to have some residual health benefit. Sound like dinner to me! ¬†Anyone care to join me?

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