The Full Circle Crew Celebrates!

We Wish You & Yours A Very Merry Christmas…

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and hope these photos of our Christmas Dinner (sprinkled with images of our favorite subject) will give you a chuckle and put you in the HO HO HO spirit!

The fun starts here..with Colleen and Gary. As you can see, Colleen is FULL of the devil and this time of year loves to suprise us with her gestures of love, her playful spirit and her endless generosity. She took the whole crew out to dinner at the Lost Roo Restaurant in Long Beach, WA.

After ordering our dinners we began opening our gifts. Each of us had a Secret Santa which is always a recipe for laughter! Here we are for your amusement: 

Thank you!

Colleen, Gary & the entire crew

send each and every one of our customer our heartfelt thanks

for visiting us this past year.

It has been a tough year for everyone and no one is spending their money lightly.

Because of this we are even more appreciative of your honoring us with your visit!

 Our Customers Are #1  !!!


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