Wedding Bells at the Full Circle Cafe’!

WEDDING_ (click this link and then minimize to get the full experience)  😀

Easter Sunday brought us a Bride & Groom in the form of

Daniel & Magee

of Seattle, Washington

After indulging in a healthy & scrumptious breakfast, they proceeded to exchange vows with the help of their Rev. friends Dustin & April Brown. (Duly witnessed by Colleen herself)


Magee throws her “bouquet”…

Guess who caught the flowers ~ oh my!


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel & Magee Patzer!


Our very best wishes to both of you!


Thank you Dave & Sharon!

Some people can always be counted on to put others first, to remember those easily forgotten, and to reach out with a kind gesture or word. Dave and Sharon are just such people. And sure enough, true to form, these two played “Easter Bunny” bringing each of us an Easter Bag full of goodies! So we want to say to Dave and Sharon…

From the Full Circle Crew

April Newsletter

April 1, 2010

Our Debbie Macomber book this month is “Friendship Shawls”. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better gift than a beautiful shawl for your favorite Mom.  Mothers to celebrate come in many different forms whether she be your sister, best friend, neighbor, Mom or Grandmother.   


The book includes a new block pattern for your Warm Up America Blocks too!  The pattern is a very nice Diamonds block made up of a series of knit and purl repeats and combinations, easy enough for beginners and interesting enough to keep more experienced knitters happy!

Mother Hen knitting socks


          These Scrabble Tile Charm Bracelets are one of a kind Susan B. Clark originals!

Easter “Sweets”

The day before Easter each of us was given a suprise; inside a plastic egg, was nestled a sweet note accompanied by 2 lucky lotto tickets! The effort and thoughtfulness in these gifts is very moving. We are very appreciative. So, without further ado…

Thank You

Full Circle Folks

Your kind, friendly service is such a joy. No matter what is happening in the outside world, you have made a safe haven with wonderful staff, oh yes, and very good food.

We are your fans,

Barbara (Key Lime Pie) and Betty ( Bog Salad)